Aptech SQL 2 Practical Exam 2

Use SQL Query Analyzer to work with BookStore database and create a SQL script file follow those steps:

  1. Create 4 tables and insert data as follows: Students (Student list)
    StudentID (int) Name (varchar (50)) Age (tinyint) Gender (bit)
    1 Nguyen Thi Huyen 19 0
    2 Mai Thanh Minh 33 1
    3 Dao Thien Hai 26 1
    4 Trinh Chan Tran 24 0
    5 Diem Diem Quynh 30 Null

    Books (Book list)

    BookID (int) Name (Varchar (50)) TotalPage (int) Type (Varchar(10)) Quantity (int)
    1 Word 50 Null 10
    2 Excel 60 Null 20
    3 Access 71 Null 7
    4 LGC 42 Null 1
    5 HTML 71 Null 2

    Borrows (Describe borrowing. Example: the first row of following table denote “Nguyen Thi Huyen has borrowed one Excel book on 10/29/2004)

    BorrowID (int) StudentID (int) BookID (int) BorrowDate (datetime)
    1 1 1 10/29/2004
    2 4 4 10/26/2004

    DropOuts (Describe DropOut list)

    DrpID (int) StudentID (int) Date (datetime)

    – Apply the Not Null Constraint to the Name column of Books table.
    – Apply the Primary Key Constraint for the StudentID, BookID, BorrowID and DrpID columns of 4 above tables.
    – Apply the Identity(1,1) Constraint for the DrpID column of DropOuts table.

  2. Display the Books that have TotalPage more than 50, this list must order by TotalPage and then Name as following:
    BookID Name TotalPage Type Quantity
    2 Excel 60 NULL 20
    3 Access 71 NULL 7
    5 HTML 71 NULL 2
  3. Insert appropriate data to Borrows to represent following information:
    – One Access book was borrowed by Trinh Chan Tran on 10/30/04.
    – One HTML book was borrowed by Mai Thanh Minh on 10/31/04
    – 2 Word books were borrowed by Trinh Chan Tran on today (Hint: use GetDate())
  4. Display book names were borrowed and borrower name as following:
    Student Name Book Name
    Nguyen Thi Huyen Word
    Trinh Chan Tran LGC
    Trinh Chan Tran Access
    Mai Thanh Minh HTML
    Trinh Chan Tran Word
    Trinh Chan Tran Word
  5. Display all student names and total books were borrowed by them as following
    Student Name Total borrowed book
    Dao Thien Hai 0
    Diem Diem Quynh 0
    Mai Thanh Minh 1
    Nguyen Thi Huyen 1
    Trinh Chan Tran 4
  6. Display name of the students that are null in gender column.
  7. Display Name of the best borrowed book (the book that its total borrower is highest) and total borrower of this book as following:
    Book Name Total Borrower
    Word 3
  8. Display number of total available books on BookStore (Hint: Total available=Total Books – Total Borrowed Books)
  9. Create a view named ‘vwBookList’ that list all information of Books table as following:
    Book Name TotalPage Type Quantity
    Word 50 Normal 10
    Excel 60 Normal 20
    Access 71 Thick 7
    LGC 42 Thin 1
    HTML 71 Thick 2
  10. Modify the view named ‘vwBookList‘ such that you can create an index on it.
  11. Create an index named ‘indBookName’ on the [Book Name] and Type column of the ‘vwBookList’ view.
  12. Create an Insert Trigger named ‘tgNoInsertBook’ on the Borrows table. This trigger must check data inserting, if number of borrower greater than book’ quantity it will be rollback and display a message “Out of stock”.
    Example: if user insert a row (using: Insert into Borrows Values(10,1,4,getdate()) to Borrows table, no row will be inserted and message “Out of stock” will be displayed
  13. Create a stored procedure named ‘spDropOut’ that accept the Student Name as parameter. If the student name available on Students table and if he/she is not borrow any books it will drop all information of the student from BookStore database and add StudentID into DropOuts table.
    Example: if Nguyen Thi Huyen is dropped out, there is no change in database because she still is borrowing 1 book.
    If Dao Thien Hai is dropped out all his information in all tables will be deleted and a row will be added in DropOuts table as following:

    DrpID StudentID Date
    1 3 <Current Date time>

    Notes: You must ensure that this action will completely or rollback.



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