Winforms Practical Exam 02

Music Album Management
Create an application to manage music albums. The application’s database has been created for you and its schema is shown in Figure 1:

Database Schema

Figure 1: Database Schema

Generated SQL Scripts:
Sql Scripts

This application has one form allowing users to create a music album by specifying album name and its songs. Users can filter songs by Artist and then add to the album as shown in Figure 2:

Music Album Management Application

Figure 2: Music Album Management Application

Implement the following functions for the application:

  1. When the application starts, display all artist information to the combo box labeled Artist    [3]
  2. Users can select one artist from the combo box to filter for that artist’s songs. Display the filtered songs to the Available Songs list box. Show the SongID along with SongName in the list box as shown in Figure 2    [3]
  3. After the songs are populated in the list box, users can add or remove songs from or to the album using add (>) and remove (<) buttons. Ensure that no duplicate songs are selected.    [6]
  4. When Save button is clicked, add the album information to table Albums with the CreatedDate value field set to the current date time, add the songs in selected songs list box and the newly created Album to the AlbumSongs table    [6]
  5. Before adding album information, make sure that album name is inputted and there must be at least one song selected for the album    [3]
  6. Cancel button should always close the form    [1]
  7. Use appropriate exception handing for the form, display meaningful messages to the users denoting the results of each function in the form.    [2]
  8. Implement tool tips for all the controls on the form    [1]

Total Mark: [25]


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