Winforms Practical Exam 01

Curriculum: ACCP
Duration: 2 Hours
Total Marks: 30

  1. Create a new Winform project.
  2. Create a MDI form as following. [2 marks]

    MDI form

    MDI form

  3. Create Menu as: [2 marks]
    File (Login, View Orders, Exit)
    Help (About)
  4. When the user click on the: [2 marks]
    – Login menu item, show the Login form.
    – View Orders menu item, show the Orders form.
    – About menu item, show the About form.
    – Exit menu item, end the program.
  5. Create Login form as following: [2 marks]

    Login form

    Login form

  6. When the user clicked the OK button. The following validations must be performed: [3 marks]
    – The Textboxes can not be blank.
    – If the User name is “aptech” and Password is “winform” then show a message box to welcome and then close the Login form.
    – If the User name or Password is not correct, clear all textboxes and show a message to inform the user.
  7. Create the MDI child Orders form as below:  [3 marks]
    Orders form

    Orders form

    Using NorthWind database which is available in SQL server, write code to performs the tasks as following:
    – When the form is loaded, populate Combobox with CompanyName from Customers table.  (4 marks)
    – When the user select a customer from Combobox, all Orders (from Orders table with OrderID, OrderDate and ShipCountry fields) of that customer must be shown in the DataGrid on the left of the form.   [5marks]
    – When the user select an Order from the Orders list, all details (ProductName, UnitPrice, Quantity and Amount fields (Amount=UnitPrice*Quantity)) of that order must be shown in the DataGrid on the right of the form. [5 marks]

  8. Create About form as:  [1 marks]
    About form

    About form

    Insert the images into the form (any image) and the Close button.
    Write code to close the form when the user click on the Close button.  [1 marks]


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